Publications and workings papers

On Age-group Justice:

  • Bidadanure, J. 2016. “Making Sense of Age-Group Justice: A Time for Relational Equality?” Philosophy, Politics & Economics 15(3) 234–260 -> See here. — The article was discussed on the blog PEA soup by Paul Bou-Habib, Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen, David Axelsen, Paula Casal, Martin O’Neill, Christian Schemmel and others.                           
  • Bidadanure, J. 2015.“On Dennis McKerlie’s Equality and Time.” Ethics – 125th Anniversary Issue, 125:4, 1174-1177 -> See here.
  • Bidadanure, J. 2013. “In Defense of the Prudential Lifespan Account.” American Journal of Bioethics. 13:8, 25-27 -> See here.
  • Bidadanure, J. 2013. “Review of Dennis McKerlie’s Justice between the Young and the Old.” Ethical Perspectives, 20: 499-506 -> See  here.

On Basic Income and other cash policies:

  • Bidadanure, J. 2017. “Basic Income Convergence” Boston Review, Forum 2: 51-55.
  • Bidadanure, J. 2013. “Review of Axel Gosseries and Yannick Vanderborght’s Arguing About Justice: Essays for Philippe Van Parijs.” Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics, 6: 1, 153-160 -> See  here.
  • Bidadanure, J. 2012.“Short-sightedness in Youth Welfare Provision: The Case of RSA in France.” Intergenerational Justice Review, 1/12: 22-28 -> See  here.

On Youth Quotas:

  • Bidadanure J. 2017. “ Youth quotas, diversity and long-termism: can young people act as proxies for future generations?” in Institutions for Future Generations, edited by Axel Gosseries and Inigo Gonzales. Oxford: Oxford University Press-> See latest draft here.
  •  Bidadanure J. 2015. “Better Procedures for Fairer Outcomes: Can Youth Quotas in Parliaments increase our Chances of Meeting the Demands of Intergenerational Justice.” in Youth Quotas and Other Forms of Youth Participation in Ageing Societies, edited by Joerg Tremmel, et al. London: Springer. -> See here.
  • Bidadanure J. 2015. “Better Procedures for Fairer Outcomes:  Youth Quotas in Parliaments.” Intergenerational Justice Review, 2/15: 40-46. -> See here.
  • Bidadanure J. 2015. “Six reasons why the UK parliament should have youth quotas.” Open Democracy & Politics in Spires -> See post here.

On Social Justice in general:

  • O’Neill, Martin and Juliana Bidadanure. 2014. Encyclopedia Entry – “Norman Daniels.” in The Cambridge Rawls Lexicon, edited by David Reidy and Jon Mandle. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press -> See last version before publication here.
  • Bidadanure, J. 2014. “Conclusion: The Precariat, Intergenerational Justice and Universal Basic Income.” in Precariat: Labour, Work and Politics, edited by Matthew Johnson. London: Routledge. -> More on the book here.
  • Bidadanure, J. 2013. Conclusion – “The Precariat, Intergenerational Justice and Universal Basic Income.” Global Discourse, (3) 3-4: 554-560 ->  See here.
  • Bidadanure, J. 2013. “Review of Noam Chomsky’s Making the Future.” Global Discourse, 3: 1. 173-178 -> See published paper here. Published alongside an individualized response by Noam Chomsky, available here.

In Preparation 

  • Bidadanure, J. Justice Across Ages: An Essay on What it Means to Treat Young People As Equals. Book manuscript under contract with Oxford University Press, due on December 2017.
  • “Unequally Egalitarian? Defending the Egalitarian Credentials of Social Egalitarianism” with David V. Axelsen. In preparation for CRISPP
  • “The challenge of generational inequalities” – Article in Preparation to be included in Chapter 14 of the International Panel for Social Progress entitles “Inequality as a Challenge to Democracy” -> You can comment here, my section starts at paragraph 142.
  • “Age Discrimination” in the Routledge Handbook on Discriminations (edited by Kasper Lippert Rasmussen).
  • “The Ethics of Social Banditism” – Article in preparation.

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